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Suffolk based tree firm bts Group Limited is joining RSK Group Limited, one of Europe’s fastest growing environmental services companies. 

bts, one of the largest UK firms to focus on utility arboriculture, works for electricity distribution companies, utility and environmental agencies across the UK. 

bts Group will continue under the management and leadership of Halley McCallum, and its current directors. The sale includes two sister companies of bts – tbf Traffic and tbf Scaffolding. No contracts are affected by the transaction. 

Following a sale of shares to RSK, bts and tbf companies will continue to operate from its head office in Needham Market and will maintain offices in Telford, Newark and Elgin, Scotland. 

bts and tbf will remain separate companies sitting within the agriculture, land and property management division of RSK.

Managing director of bts and tbf, Halley McCallum, said, “Joining forces with RSK gives us access to a range of new and exciting markets, such as HS2 and other contracts, for which we’re keen to get on tender lists."

“RSK has long provided arboricultural consultancy services and has recently moved into the vegetation management marketplace. Collaboration with our tree and vegetation management services will lead to new opportunities for our staff and businesses as we move confidently to an exciting future.”